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If you are a girl and you think you would like to try this be sure to do lots of research and be 100 sure this is what you want.

This is my before and after transformation being. Want to buy steroids? Winstrol Before, and, after, results for. How Often Do You Work Out? I'm a female obviously lol, 21 years old, 4'8 and I weighed 87 pounds before this and as of now I weigh 98 pounds. Please feel free to ask questions or to leave comments! It produces milder androgenic effects compared to other anabolic steroid. The shrinking was noticable and a family noticed it on the Day. Willpower - it's the most important thing to get a result. Winstrol for Women, results Are. Results and side effects will vary with each person. I'm now as of today doing PCT for 3 weeks and will be back on to finish the bottle in another 3 weeks but I wanted to go ahead and show my progress and also I hope other girls or guys can learn from. Winstrol / These 3, winstrol Before After, gains Are Hard To Believe. Get the Right clenbuterol Cycle for You.

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