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Basically, what Im saying here is that were seeing the same thing with different Nandrolone esters as we saw with testosterone esters; more imnportantly, the scientific research confirms what we

know to be true in our own cycles, and also gives support for my explanation. Craft Neurology, Jan 2005;. Testosterone, decanoate is available under the trade name "Neotest 250" by the Mexican drug company Loeffler. Testosterone Undecanoate Synonyms: undecanoateCAS: einecs: Assay: 98 lecular Formula: C30H48O3Molecular weight: 456.70Pa. Most people will have used testosterone with this ester in the. The identifiable pattern of exposure and degree of aromatization and estrogen, rather than overall exposure to testosterone, determined the differing effects of the different esters. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 76:9961001. Sell Good quality Testosterone enanthate Cypionate Stanozolol Anadrol Trenbolone aceate Deca Masteron Anavar Primobolone Dianabol Clomid Tadalafil Viagra. An ester is essentially the thing attached to an anabolic steroid to allow it to extend its duration of effects. When you talk about testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate you are really talking about testosterone and an ester (cypionate or enanthate, respectively). What the hell is going on here? 5: 623-629, 1985. But if test is test, then why do we see different effects from different esters? If a steroid hangs out in trenbolone your body for a longer amount of time, and helps you retain more nitrogen, then its overall anabolic effect would be greater.

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